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Makeup Art Program Info

35-40 Hour Makeup Art Freelance Artist Pro Course

This specialized course on makeup artistry covers daytime casual soft glowing to glamorous evening makeup techniques. You will learn fundamental makeup methods step by step, gaining knowledge of all skin types. With our clear and hands-on instruction, you will acquire expertise in foundation application, highlighting and contouring, including concealing the under-eye area and unpigmented skin. Our award-winning instructors will teach you how to apply eye shadow priming, application and blending shadow colours, while also teaching liquid and pencil eyeliner methods to refine the look of your client. Learn how to enhance the beauty of lips, eyelashes and blush with techniques focused on false eyelash application, custom blush blending, and our unique lip liner and lipstick techniques. This module will enhance and expand your knowledge of current beauty products and its application in professional salon settings. Our instructors will demonstrate all the essentials of makeup artistry on top of our award-winning practices in non-bridal and bridal daytime or evening makeup techniques. You will learn, practice and develop:

  • Skin care and skin preparation basics for makeup applications
  • Skin type and face shape analysis
  • Primer, foundation application, matching foundation shades, and contouring techniques for unique face shapes
  • Product knowledge and usage, such as blending, stippling, concealing imperfections and more
  • Proper product usage, such as gel liner, liquid liner or pencil liner
  • False lash applications
  • Bridal and non-bridal looks
  • Glamour day and evening makeup application
  • Natural look makeup, transitioning to:
    • Evening glamour/Smokey eye makeup
    • Airbrush applications

After each learning activity, students will practice and recreate all the learning outcomes in the classroom environment with their instructor.

Professional makeup brush set 1
 Liquid foundations 5 of each color
 Makeup pro hard case kit 1
 Eye shadow pallets 2
 Blush pallets 1 of each item
 Concealer and contouring pallets 1 of each item
 Liquid and pencil black & brown eyeliner 1 of each item
 Color correctors & face primer 1 of each item
 5 colors of lip liners 5
 5 colors of lip sticks 5
Bronzer 1
Mascara 1
Disposable mascara wands 1 pack
False eyelashes 4 sets
Makeup sponges 1 pack
Q-tips 1 pack
Eyelash curlers 1
Tweezers 1
Spatula 1
Tray for foundation 1