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Mint MVK30 Blow Dryer

MVK30 Blower

The ultra-lightweight Mint MVK30 Blow Dryer has the power, ceramic and tourmaline technology to dry hair in half the time of a standard blow dryer. Ions flow through this blow dryer through super-heated coils, drying hair faster and ensuring softer, fuller, and healthier hair. Put the final touches on your bold, beautiful hairstyle with this ultra-lightweight blow dryer.

Product Features

  • Ultra-lightweight – less than half the weight of a traditional blow dryer
  • Quiet and well-balanced for a relaxed, tranquil experience for you and your clients
  • Gentle far-infrared heat and low electro-magnetic field (EMF) leave clients with the silkiest softest hair possible
  • Ceramic tourmaline seals in moisture while reducing drying time by as much as 50%
  • Ions break the water molecules apart so they can be reabsorbed into the hair
  • Super-hot, moist heat dries hair faster and without damage
  • Three heat and two speed settings
  • One-click instant cool shot button to lock in finishes
  • Optimal wind speed allows for easy styling without blow outs. Achieve the look you desire without the blow outs of other blow dryers.
  • Includes air concentrator nozzle and diffuser