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About us & Mission

At Rada Beaute, we have a passion for beauty inspired by Radha Sarn’s journey of perseverance and expression of artistry. With luxury false lashes, hair extensions, hair care, and hair accessory items from brands such as Scruples, Morrocanoil, MINT and our own Rada Beaute collection, you can create your stunning look effortlessly.

Whether you’re a lucky bride to be or have an exciting date, we have curated the highest quality products inspired by our desire to create beautiful looks for anyone, for any occasion. At Rada Beaute, our mission is to be bold, to be beautiful, and to do it with passion and confidence.


At Rada Beaute, we have an entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for beauty. Our mission is to be bold, to be beautiful. We take this to heart and make it a part of all that we do.

We value honesty, integrity, independence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that everyone is capable, strong, and that anyone can be bold and beautiful.